"Wines that speak about our land"

The land where our grapes grow is to be found in the best areas of the world most suited for this. At an altitude of 600m, a land made of limestone and poor in organic material limits the vigour of the vine, giving rise to a hydrological stress which in turn leads to structured wines, with an intense colour and huge aromatic potential.

The continental climate, influenced by the closeness of the Mediterranean Sea, means very little rainfall (300-400 mm/year) and plenty of sunlight (2,500 – 3,000 hours of sun per year) which makes the Monastrell a true survivor.

Time is the best author: it always finds the perfect ending

Charles Chaplin (1889-1977) British author and director.

The Monastrell grape is what gives personality to the wines produced by Bodegas Pinoso. Our Monastrell is authenticity, earthliness, Mediterranean. It is elegance, strength and sobriety.

Considered to be the indigenous variety of the south east area of Spain, the Monastrell grape has an enormous capacity for adapting to the extreme Mediterranean climate conditions. The Monastrell vine is a rustic, upright plant, of slow, measured, unhurried maturation, resulting in compact bunches with round grapes, of medium size and with a thick skin.

It is this vine that gives us the spicy aromas, of thyme, cinnamon and black pepper with which to delight our sense of smell, a red fruit, a freshness that is evoked by just swishing the glass.

The wines of Bodegas Pinoso are protected under Denominación de Origen Protegida vinos Alicante.