Bag in box cristatus rosé 3L


This wine is made with selected grapes of the Monastrell variety at their optimum moment of maturation to capture its typical fresh fruit character. After a soft de-stemming and crushing grapes are macerated with their own skins for 10 hours at low temperatures and the must “flor” is bled which ferments for 15-20 days. Temperatures do not exceed 16ºC in order to maintain all the grape aromas.

Wine Tasting Notes

Colour: Raspberry pink.

Nose: Aromas of red fruits like strawberry and raspberry with floral hints.

Palate: Pleasant freshness is emphasized, the wine is wide and fruity.

Food pairing:
Pasta and rice dishes, seafood, white and blue fish, grilled vegetables.

Serving temperature: 8 – 10ºC